Mobile Air Pollutant Mapping System

On Mission, Multiple Types of Pollutant Information

During a mission, Sniffer4D is able to sense multiple air pollutants and sends this data back to Sniffer4d Mapper analytic software in real - time.

Sniffer4D & Onboarding

TPI offers clients Sniffer4d, customized integration services for specific vehicles, and on-site training.

Sniffer4D & UAV Platform

TPI offers clients fully integrated, ready- to- operate Sniffer4D and UAV platform (DJI M100/210/600)

Sniffer4D Only

TPI offers Sniffer 4D and mouting kits the clients and clients integrate them to their own ground & aerial vehicles.

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Flexible Solution Delivery Plans

TPI offers flexible Solutions delivery options to help our clients sucessfully Sniffer 4d into their workflowes ASAP

Pioneering Modularized Hardware Design- More Flexibility

The sensing modules inside Sniffer4D use state of the art gas sensors from suppliers such as Alphasense UK. Each sensing module is equipped with an dedicated 16 MHz microcomputer to run our propietary filtering, bias correction, humidity and temperature correction algorithms.

To account for individual difference in sensors, each sensing module is calibrated according to its very own intrinsic properties.You can purchase sensing modulesseparatley from us or our resellers to alter your current setup.

Analytic Software and cloud solutions